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Go Tell It On The Mountain

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Words we’ve heard in song & advertising since we were kids.
Seeing the eyes of children light up as bright as the lights on the trees that they are wondering what surprises awaits under for them.
Watching people scurry around the shops as they buy that last-minute gift for their loved one. Reflecting on memories of the days of our youth and traditions that made the impression on us way back when.
But one person’s tradition may be different or strange to another. A White Christmas is a foreign idea in Hawaii or Latin America.
As we share music and stories of what Christmas means around the world, we hope you see one true significance. The true meaning of Christmas.
Mele Kalikimaka

with a grass skirt and such for comic relief

From Latin America to across the ocean- Missionaries carried the word of God to everywhere the great commission called them. Different customs, and different languages, may all seem strange to us but another way of celebrating of the miracle we call Christmas.

Story from Tasha:
Feliz Navidad

From the islands and beaches to the hills.
Story from Sheila
Beautiful Star

From the hills to the Age of Aquarius… The Jesus Movement brought a new sound to “church” music.
Chuck tells a story
Joy to the World

The heart of Christ can get hidden with some taking Christ out of Christmas….
If we don’t tell or teach our children to keep Christ in Christmas—who will
Have the Bowmanettes help sing CHRIST

Teaching our children about Christmas and about that first night is one of the greatest privileges we have. As we draw closer listen to these words:
When Christmas Comes Around

Today We have laughed a little, remembered a little from the past, and maybe even shed a tear from memories past or loved ones who are gone on….
We want to give an opportunity for you to know more about the Savior this season truly means…. The true reason for this season. As we look back let’s now look forward to a life that we can live forever because of a life given for ours.
O Holy Night
Silent Night
Away in a Manger